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     Victoria Pepe is a multimedia artist, specializing in free flowing geometric art,
animated video art and her innovative virtual video paintings.  She  creates unique geometric drawings, and wood sculpture and paintings. Her video art unifies analogue and digital; the traditional and computer technology and is on the forefront of a new era in art.  Pepe inscribes words within the art in her ArtInscribe
      LuminSonics ™ (light sound) is her studio production name which encompasses her aesthetic.   Her works are seen as unique, healing, cutting edge, elegant,transforming,engaging and technically skillful.
      Pepe's art is seen in various settings in the Environments page
and is ideal for:
      ◦private homes
      ◦commercial buildings such as hotels
      ◦spas and places for healing, meditation and deep relaxation
      ◦public spaces and viewing areas
      ◦screening and theater venues


 Victoria Pepe introducing her art and music

The art has removable watermarks for the demos on this site.

All videos on this site play smoothly.  Please allow the videos to load..they load depending on your computer speed.  Please click on the box at the lower right corner of each player to see full screen view.  Videos are best seen at normal zoom.
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