New, Cutting edge state of the art media

Animated Video Art
Virtual Video Paintings

Art has watermark images for this demo that are removable
    Click the PAUSE control on the left of the video whenever you  would like the art as a still image.                                         

  • All videos play smoothly.  Please allow videos to load.
  • The videos are best seen at 100% (Normal) zoom level on your browser.  
  •  Click on square lower right of video for FULL SCREEN viewing.
  • The videos load according to your speed and loading can be seen as the bar loads across the bottom of the frame.
  • The frames around the video are examples.
  • You can hang the video painting with or without the frame of your choice.
  • Each video demo contains a watermark

                                ANIMATED VIDEO ART


                                        ROSES ON GOLD
Roses on Gold is a 42 sec video demo of the original 8min 44sec  ( original music in demo.) 
The video art is a high quality DVD and in a limited edition. 

The video can be played
as animated art; and it can also be paused at any place in the video to give you a still video light painting framed on the wall. 
    You can also choose
from thousands of different images as the video plays by pausing the video at anytime.

                                          NEW LIGHT 1
New Light 1 is a 28 second demo of a 3min 13sec original on high quality DVD.
      It also has Victoria's original music  synchronized to the movement of the art.
      It is in a limited edition.

                                  VIRTUAL VIDEO PAINTINGS
                                           (perpetual random color change)

  •                                D 12
  Virtual Video Painting

      D 12 is a brief snapshot demo of  Victoria's Video Virtual Painting.  In the total complete version, the colors smoothly change randomly--  VERY SLOWLY-- forever by her uniquely formulated computer code.
      Although the colors change randomly they do so in a way that they retain harmony and balance. The actual art plays continually and does not loop or repeat.  It is forever new because of the color changes.  It takes you to a deep relaxed place.  It is in limited edition.
      The art is initially hand 
drawn, and then formatted for computer and computer code.

                                ROSESTAR   Virtual Video Painting
      RoseStar demo is 55 second video snapshot of the original Virtual Painting.  In the original, the colors change randomly forever within the defined color spectrum of greens for leaves and the rose colors for the center of the rose and are run by Victoria's compiled computer code.   The colors change very slowly and smoothly. 
      It originates from a free hand drawing of a  photo taken by Victoria of a rose as seen in a  New York outdoor garden in season.
      Victoria's original music is optional.

            JOURNEY THROUGH INFINITY   Virtual Video Painting

     Journey Through Infinity is a virtual video painting created by a synthesis of Victoria's original fine art,digital technology, and  computer algorithms, accompanied by her original  music. 
     It originates as a fine art free hand geometric drawing, which is formatted for viewing on the LCD monitor and run by computer. 
     This demo version is a brief video snapshot, which has a beginning and end and captures a segment of the random colors.  This demo repeats.  In the original, there is no real beginning or end, and the colors are forever changing--VERY SLOWLY.

                                      VIRTUAL  VIDEO PAINTING
This is a  52 second demo.  The original does not repeat and  is run by Victoria's compiled  computer code which changes the colors smoothly, and randomly--VERY SLOWLY-- forever, while maintaining harmonic balance.
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