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                                           About the Artist
     Victoria Pepe was born in Manhattan, where she now resides and works.
     She is an accomplished life long artist whose work is rooted in her flowing, free hand, unique form of geometry.
     As a multimedia artist, she creates art with pen and paper, canvas and wood and paint, and cutting edge digital techniques.  She is also an accomplished musician and composer.

    Her art has been featured in galleries, expos and other venues from NYC to California.  Victoria's art is also in numerous private collections.
        From a Review of Pepe's work:
     "Painting dominates, but some of the most interesting work in "RSVP" isn't painting. Victoria Pepe describes Infinity Journey Through Infinity as a "virtual video painting....Infinity Journey is easy to appreciate...a truly artful night light. "
      Robin Rice on Visual Art: "RSVP" at LGTripp Gallery
      by Robin Rice    Philadelphia City Paper

      For more detailed information please contact her using the Contact Form below.

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Virtual Video Painting
         Victoria hand creates the original image, and then formats it for the computer.
      The art image is still, as in a traditional painting.  As a virtual video painting, the colors change.
      Victoria compiles the algorithms (computer program codes) to enable the colors to change randomly and forever.  The colors change subtly, smoothly, and in a flowing rhythm, while still retaining their balance in relation to each other.  The colors can change within the full spectrum of colors, or within a certain color palette. The program code and the art, is contained on a CD which can be loaded into any computer and played on any suitable screen.  It is formatted so it can be played on very large screens and still retain total clarity
                                       Animated Video Art
       The images in the animated video art move, flow, morph,  and are contained in a DVD.

Virtual Video Art and the Animated Video Art

     The Virtual Video Art and the Animated Video Art are in signed limited editions.
      A unique number is assigned to each video piece and is discretely embedded into it. The video art can also be one of a kind; and no other copies will be sold.  Original music can accompany some of the art as desired.

     The art can be seen on an LCD screen, or projected on a wall, which becomes the “canvas” for this form of art.  
It is cutting edge, inventive art, uniquely expressing the innovative multimedia vision of the new art today.

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